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Friday, 31 March 2017 15:12

Education Funding

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I would like to make a few comments on state Sen. Angel's article about school funding.

1. Angel calls for teacher accountability. What about accountability for the members of the Legislature who have failed to do their job since the 2012 state Supreme Court ordered adequate funding for public schools?  Would teachers be allowed to ignore a court order for five years? Will Legislators be held accountable for the $50 million (and counting) court-ordered fine resulting from their failure to do their jobs?  

2. Angel proposes to send whatever plan they come up with to the voters for final approval. The court didn't order the voters to solve this problem; it ordered the Legislature to do it. Sending it to the voters is just a cowardly ploy to dodge political responsibility. 

3. Angel touts the “fact” that the Majority Coalition Caucus proposal is going to save local taxpayers money. That's just plain disingenuous. Sure, the additional money needed to satisfy the court order may not be coming from local property taxes, but unless the Legislature has some printing presses hidden in the Capitol basement, the money is not going to appear out of nowhere; it is just going to be hidden in some other state tax assessment. (And does a group of 23 members from one political party and two from the other really meet the definition of the term “coalition”?)

I'm all for full funding of education, but when communicating, let's be honest and upfront with the public.

Richard Schwartz


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