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You can stop suicide

All you have to do is listen.

Most people thinking of suicide want to stay alive. They are instead struggling to live with the pain they feel and are looking for help. A decision to live is far more likely when a person at risk can talk to someone who is comfortable with talking about suicide. The simple phrase “let’s talk,” wields power that must be learned and socially accepted.

Tides of Change

It was 1975 when I first stepped ashore on Herron Island. I've been here off and on ever since. I've come to realize this unique little island offered childhood Suzie constant stability amid frequent changes over which she had no control, and became a place of peace and security she had not previously known. Herron Island helped shape her into the person I became and it still holds my heart in its salty grasp.

Follow the rules

A recent GOP survey I completed contained this question: “Would you support immigration reform that included securing our borders and a path to citizenship for some people living in the U.S. illegally if they would be required to learn English, go to the back of the citizenship line, have a job, pay taxes and pass a criminal background check?” A related question was, “Do you believe our government is doing enough to protect the homeland from future terrorist attacks?”

Content, context and correctness

Have you noticed that the national political split we see in the presidential race seems to rip all the way down to each of us as individuals? Makes for some lively discussions. One big thing this time around is this odd pride in not being “politically correct,” or PC for short. The term originated in the Soviet Union as a compliment, meaning someone who was PC knew the party line. Now it basically means trying to say something without offending someone else.

Cannabis, a powerful herbal medicine

I was warned against writing this column. After considering the consequences, I decided this topic is too important not to write about.

After living through decades of the War on Drugs, even though laws have changed in a majority of states, there is still a stigma attached to one of the most healing herbs on the planet: cannabis.