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Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson

Saturday, 30 July 2016 13:29

KP Author Publishes New Book and Magazine

Anna Brones is a busy woman.

Her third book has just been published. She has launched a new magazine. And she has at least two other projects percolating.

This past June, the Squaxin Island Tribe conducted its most thorough shellfish survey of Vaughn Bay since 2009. Squaxin shellfish biologist Eric Sparkman and his assistant, tribe member Justin Saez-Garcia, examined each beach to calculate how many clams were living there. Those calculations will determine how many shellfish are harvested over the next several years.

Saturday, 30 July 2016 12:42

Rocky Bay Water Quality at Risk

Routine testing last winter at the head of Rocky Bay revealed a concerning level of coliform bacteria to the Washington State Department of Health (WSDOH). Eight and one-half acres were closed to shellfish harvesting until further testing could be performed. When that testing showed persistently high numbers, the bay conditions were downgraded from approved to closed.

Key Peninsula artists will be celebrated and showcased in Key Center, Wednesday, Aug. 3 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Saturday, 02 July 2016 13:19

Filming on the Key with Local Talent

The neighbors noted suspicious activity: A car off-kilter on the side of the road, bright lights in the woods on a dark night, a scuffle, and maybe sounds of gunshots on the beach. Criminal activity on south Key Peninsula? Fortunately, the answer was not so ominous. Kevin McKeon was making a film.

Jeremiah Saucier has a dream. As director of Crossroads Treatment Center, a chemical dependency and treatment facility in Lakewood, he sees firsthand the need for a holistic approach to treatment of substance abuse. And as a resident of the Key Peninsula, he knows that most families in this community have been touched by this problem.

Saturday, 02 July 2016 11:51

Geoduck Farming up Again at KPAC

It has been nearly two years since geoduck farming was addressed by the Key Peninsula Land Use Advisory Commission (KPAC), but at the May meeting, the group was asked to weigh in on a new permit request for farms on the west side of the Key Peninsula. Three property owners want to lease their land to Taylor Shellfish Farms on 4 acres of intertidal land north of Dutcher's Cove and south of Vaughn Bay. The new location would abut existing farms that have been operating since 2009.

Saturday, 02 July 2016 11:48

Geoduck Aquaculture: A Brief Review

There are 65 miles of waterfront on the Key Peninsula. Less than 2 miles are currently farmed. Statewide, about 60 percent of tideland is privately owned. Those who own tideland can apply for geoduck farming permits. The permit approval process requires multiple levels of review and takes two to five years, including appeals.

Fans celebrated the publication of Dale Goodvin’s first book last month with a reception at Blend Wine Shop in Key Center. "Kansas Whispers and Midnight Blues: Dodging Despair, Deception and Clowns" is now available to the public.

In 2013, a 46-acre parcel of land at the head of Filucy Bay was on the market. A neighbor, who loves the area, feared that a buyer might decide to log it. She purchased the land and gave it to the Great Peninsula Conservancy.