A look at the upcoming November ballot issues:

Peninsula School District Proposition 1: Capital projects levy, collects $50 million from property taxes over four years for school construction projects.
Pro: Constructs new elementary school and renovates or replaces Artondale Elementary School. Critical need with safety issues and school population overloads.
Con: It adds $350 per year, for four years, in additional property taxes for a $250,000 home.

Key Pen Parks Proposition 1: Maintenance and operations property tax levy replaces the existing authorized tax receipts lost due to pro-rationing, collects $700,000 from property taxes for one year only.
Pro: Replaces authorized tax receipts lost through no fault of Key Pen Parks. Allows doors to stay open and parks to continue operations the same as last year.
Con: It adds $98 to the property tax bill for a $250,000 home, for one year only.

Advisory vote No. 3: Substitute Senate Bill 5444 eliminates an excise tax credit for people who lease public property.
Repeal: Re-establishes tax credit for leasing public land.
Maintain: Affirms legislative action. General fund gains $2 million over 10 years.

Advisory vote No. 4: Senate Bill 5627 excludes commuter air carriers that operate from a private airfield from the definition of “airplane company.” Shifts tax from a property tax to an excise tax.
Repeal: Re-establishes the property tax.
Maintain: Affirms legislative action. General fund reduced by $500,000 over 10 years.

Advisory vote No 5: Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1846 is a complicated bill that shifts revenue from a dental service tax to an insurance premium tax.
Repeal: Office of Financial Management unable to calculate amount of reclaimed revenue, if any.
Maintain: Affirms legislative action.

Advisory vote No. 6: Second Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1971 eliminates a sale tax exemption for certain cell phone services. The current tax structure is out of date with advances in technology, especially prepaid phone services.
Repeal: Restores $397 million for enhanced 911 over 10 years.
Maintain: Affirms legislative action.

Advisory vote No. 7: Engrossed House Bill 2075 adjusts estate tax (death tax) calculations for estates more than $4 million to comply with recent court decisions.
Repeal: Restores $478 million in tax collections over 10 years.
Maintain: Affirms legislative action.

Source: The above information was extracted from state and county voter guides and from the full text of the legislative bills.