Washington state has 3,974,978 registered voters, with 38 percent of those casting ballots. Pierce County has 450,961 registered voters, with 34 percent casting ballots. Gig Harbor Peninsula has 32,362 registered voters with 43 percent casting ballots. Key Peninsula has 10,890 registered voters, with 37 percent casting ballots. In each category, only about half of the residents bother to register to vote.

The following results for the 2015 general election identify only the winners, along with the number of percent of votes cast for that winner.

Pierce County

Referendum No 2015-1 to stop construction of County administrative building: Passed (construction to stop) (59 percent).

Charter Review Commissioners: Martha Lantz (65 percent), David Olson (61 percent), Katherine Baird (61 percent).

Port of Tacoma Commissioners: Don Johnson (71 percent), Chare Petrich (69 percent).

Peninsula School District Directors: Marsha Harris (53 percent), Deborah Krishnadasan (99 percent –– unopposed), Rand Wilhelmsen (53 percent), Leslie Harbaugh (56 percent).

Fire District 16 Commissioners: Stan Moffett (99 percent –– unopposed), Sheila Hunt-Niven (99percent –– unopposed).

Key Pen Parks Commissioners: Shawn Jensen (98percent –– unopposed), Ed Robison (98 percent –– unopposed).

Washington state

I-1366: Limits tax increases: Passed (52 percent).

I-1401: Outlaws trafficking in endangered species: Passed (70 percent).

Advisory vote No.10: Tax for oil spill response: Maintain (51 percent).

Advisory vote No. 11: Tax on medical marijuana: Maintain (59 percent).

Advisory vote No 12: Tax on motor vehicle fuels: Repeal (64 percent).

Advisory vote No 13: B & O tax: Repeal (63 percent).

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