Dear Neighbors: 2016 was a year we will all remember and one that we hope will lead to a better and more peaceful world. While some are pessimistic, we remain optimistic because of the people we know.

Marcia is involved with so many things that affect our community, including being an elected school board director, senior center board member and master gardener president.

Jeff’s passion for international issues manifested as trips to Cuba as a member of the Tacoma Sister City (Cienfuegos) group and to Guatemala with the Gig Harbor Rotary Club and president of the Olson Foundation to inspect previously funded and potential future projects to assist people, not to do for them.

The average person living in the Third World who wants a better life for themselves has three choices: become a refugee, a revolutionary or a person who participates in the development and improvement of their community.

The choice for us is clear: Develop their community and improve the future for their family and children!

Most of us are very aware that there are many causes across the country and around the globe worth supporting. But there are also important causes in our own community that need your support.

At the dawn of this new year—and era—all of us should become aware of the needs around us and offer or continue with what support we can, whether it is financial or through friendship, to improve the lives of our local families and children, our nation and our world. This is the best way to preserve and develop society and our own community; in fact, it is the only way.


Jeff and Marcia Harris