During my first seven months here, I have had meetings at least two or three times a week with some group, organization or individual seeking to find ways they can support our students and this school district.

Every time I give a presentation, someone hands me a card stating how they want to help, support, add to or bring some form of expertise into the lives of our students.

I attended the Key Peninsula Business Association dinner in February. As people introduced themselves, I was thinking, “OK, that person works with us here, that person is connected there, this group has done this…” and on and on. The dinner was not focused on education, but all had some kind of engagement with our schools and students. I find this at every meeting. It is awe inspiring.

The support for schools is outstanding in this community and I want to personally thank all of those who continue to give. This includes parents, teachers, district staff, nonprofits, small businesses, large businesses, higher education, our local preschools (private and public), retirees, young professionals, parks and rec groups, our state and national representatives, our school board, and our students who work to make their schools and community better for everyone.

We in the schools and offices of the Peninsula School District are humbled by your generosity and efforts of support.

Rob Manahan

Superintendent, Peninsula School District