I just heard the news that Edie Morgan retired from The Mustard Seed Project.

Edie had an idea about how to improve life on the peninsula for an important part of our population that needed some help but went overlooked. And look what she has done with that idea.

We now have the driver program that enables seniors to get to their medical appointments and do their shopping without having to hire someone. This program also provides a small bus for larger numbers who want to shop at, say, Walmart. A side benefit is the opportunity to socialize for people who may previously have been isolated.

We now have the volunteer program that brings people to a senior’s home, whether to socialize or do a variety of tasks–cleaning, yard work, laundry, home maintenance, etc.– for people who can’t do it all anymore. Imagine the differences in quality of life for people who were feeling overwhelmed.

We now have a place where seniors and caretakers can go for information, support or just fun. A number of classes are now available, ranging from yoga to art classes, which provide opportunities for continued learning and socialization.

We need to remember a time when few of these things were available to those who in their earlier years helped create the Peninsula we love and enjoy.

One woman had a vision—and look what she did with it. Of course, she had lots of help, but without Edie Morgan, our community would be less cohesive and poorer by far.

How do we adequately thank her?

M.D. Campbell, Lakebay

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