Key Peninsula Cooperative’s Kaitlyn DeWitt, left, Lee Gjertson and Mason Hamilton lead a pack of fellow students around the Key Peninsula Civic Center last month, during their annual fundraiser event. Photo by Scott Turner, KP News

The Key Peninsula Civic Center is always abuzz with activities, but last month the landmark facility was overtaken by a pack of bikers who caused quite a ruckus.

On March 9, the Key Peninsula Cooperative Preschool held its second annual trike-a-thon fundraiser.

More than 50 students and their siblings circled the gymnasium floor in a counterclockwise, tricycle free-for-all –– dizzy with delight.

Parents and family surrounded the parquet track, snapping pictures and rolling video as youngsters enjoyed the non competitive action, unaware they were pedaling-in more than $4,000 for their popular preschool.

Teacher and coordinator Kim George said she was thankful for all the sponsors and area businesses who donated funds and auction items to their second annual event.

The preschool has been serving the needs of area 3-to 5-year-olds for about 25 years. It operates under the umbrella of Bates Technical College and has campuses at Evergreen and Vaughn elementary schools, George said.

“A cooperative preschool is where the parents learn with their children. Parents volunteer in the classroom two-to-three times a month.

“It’s great. It’s early learning, early education to get children ready for kindergarten,” George said.

The whine of the stout, brightly-colored trikes filled the old gym. There were rolling high-fives, some soft crashes, kids riding trikes for two and smiles everywhere among the semi-controlled mayhem.

“We are having fun riding with our friends and raising money for our school,” Cheyenne Pecotte said.

Cedar Halvorsen stopped zooming around on a two-person trike long enough to spot a buddy.

“I’m just racing around, and I really love riding these double-decker bikes,” Halvorsen said, smiling.

George said the kids rode for about an hour and had a blast.

“It’s not a race at all. This is just a way for us to have a fundraiser involving the children doing something fun, instead of selling wrapping paper and chocolate,” she said.

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