Keith and Georgianna McCart with their dog Josie Photo: Don Tjossem, KP News

If you live in the Longbranch area, you have seen Keith McCart and Josie, a small, 8-year-old strawberry blonde dog of varied lineage. McCart and Josie put in about 30 miles a week picking up litter on a route that stretches along KP Highway South from the Longbranch Marina to Devil’s Head, west from the boat launch on 72nd to Whiteman Cove and points in between.

“You begin to know the serial litterers,” McCart said. “There’s Small-Bottle-Wine-Guy, Mike’s-Hard-Lemonade-Guy, Copenhagen-Guy and the Pain-in-the-Bottle-Cigarette-Guy. Day after day, week after week, Josie and I pick up their litter.”

McCart also noticed the “Longbranch-1891” sign needed restoration and made contact with the property owner, only to learn there was no one person or group doing regular maintenance. The McCarts—Keith, Georgianna and Josie—decided to repaint the sign. They even changed the color scheme from black lettering to a deep, rich green-on-white to match the green and white “Please don’t litter” sign that they attached to the post.

So, if you happen to be driving on KP south, wave to Keith and Josie, but take your litter home with you.