I want to apologize to my grandchildren for not getting involved in the bond campaign last April. Frankly, I expected it to pass. I come from a generation when there was strong support for education and schools.

I was unaware the Peninsula School District contends with a small political action committee that makes a game of opposing every measure the school board places on the ballot, always insisting their own ideas are better and should be adopted instead. 

Fifteen years have passed since the last bond was approved. The need is greater every year.

My grandchildren attend Discovery Elementary, one of the most overcrowded schools where portables take up much of the outdoor space. I have volunteered at Evergreen and know that it is 68 years old and needs to be replaced. The current issue
focuses on building four new elementary schools, including replacement of Evergreen and Artondale. 

I am not trying to persuade any “no” voters, but would like to make a special plea for all “yes” voters to vote. The requirement of a 60 percent supermajority for approval is a high hurdle.

This bond issue will replace the last vote of 15 years ago, so the tax rate for schools will not change significantly. Our rate is by far the lowest in Pierce and Kitsap counties.

Every delay makes building schools more expensive because of growing construction costs and interest rates. We need your “yes” vote before Feb. 12.

Bob Anderson
Gig Harbor