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  • Check to make sure the event you’re submitting isn’t already on the online calendar; use the Search box or look up the date.
  • Keep descriptions under 50 words or so. If you’d like a longer description please consider buying an ad.
  • Include the event date/time in the event description
  • Select the correct date and time for your event from the date and time options. You must select a start and end date (this can be the same date) as well as start and end times. Your event cannot be published without date/time information.
  • If you are submitting an event such as a museum show that runs continuously over a longer period, submit events only for key dates (opening, closing, special presentations). Indicate the duration of the event in the event description.
  • Events submitted to the online calendar will need to be approved and may be edited before publication online and/or in the print edition.
  • All approved events appear on the online calendar; events entered by the 15th of the month will also appear in the next month’s print edition.

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