Jim Larson, of Longbranch, displays his offerings of hand-crafted jewelry at the last month’s annual barbecue fundraiser for the Longbranch Community Church. Photo by Hugh McMillan

The Longbranch Community Church hosted its second annual bluegrass festival and barbecue on July 27.

The event was orchestrated and emceed by church pastor John Day, who was assisted by a host of volunteers, all working to make the event a success.

Outside, booths were set up to provide numerous services.

Carol Rosebruck and Rondi Amidon sold tickets for the available amenities like the barbecue lunch and strawberry shortcake. Dallas Amidon served the beverage booth while Cat Harold ran the booth providing activities and entertainment for children. Pat Thompson was in charge of parking.

Inside the community center, patrons enjoyed a virtual cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells.

For the ear, first up on stage was a group known as Coyote Hill Bluegrass, who traveled from their home in Oklahoma to perform.

In the back, Ruth Bramhall ran the silent auction, which featured a myriad of folk art that included original paintings, knitted garments, antiques, outdoor furniture and other items.

Guests feasted on barbecue pork and chicken sandwiches with a side of coleslaw. Strawberry shortcake was available for dessert.

Next up performing was the Rhythm and Shoes Cloggers, who performed American step dance, a combination of square dance and tap dancing. The group was led by Mike Williams and his wife, Wantona.

The peninsula’s own Rusty Roots performed next. Group members were Bill and Lynn Lloyd, Roger Gemelle and Dorene Paterson, who played a number of old favorites. Coppage from Coyote Hill filled in on bass.

They were followed by the Day brothers John and Dan, in a musical reunion. The closing performance reprised Coyote Hill Bluegrass.

Pastor Day said all profits will go to fund the various ministries of the Longbranch Community Church.

“I thought it was a truly wonderful day. The attitude and atmosphere was so positive. The turnout was great, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. The food was delicious, the music delightful. All in all, it was a fantastic time,” Day said.