A scaled-back Fourth of July parade, a dahlia floating in air, a pup exploring her new world and more.

Herron Island from the air, a graduation parade at the Tacoma Narrows Airport and a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Purdy.

The many ways of distancing, mourning the loss of our dear friends, and more.

Aerial view of Dutcher Cove, paddling into the sunset, riding a horse on the KP Highway and more.

Daffodils in bloom, preschoolers at a dance party, whitecaps in Carr Inlet and more.

Blue skies, nature in bloom and fun in the sun at Gateway Park.

A pair of common mergansers, a gull chasing a falling star, and more.

A lighted boat parade at the Longbranch Improvement Club, three generations of Girl Scouts, a helpful parking lot elf and more.

A visit with Santa, a pileated woodpecker posing, students helping the food bank and more.

A Herron Island sunset, a country road in Longbranch, a menacing woodpecker and more.