A pair of common mergansers, a gull chasing a falling star, and more.

A lighted boat parade at the Longbranch Improvement Club, three generations of Girl Scouts, a helpful parking lot elf and more.

A visit with Santa, a pileated woodpecker posing, students helping the food bank and more.

A Herron Island sunset, a country road in Longbranch, a menacing woodpecker and more.

A Seahawk Senior at the season opener, early morning light at the Longbranch Marina, a cottontail rabbit and more..

Scenes from the logging show, a kayaking chicken and more.

Bluegrass Festival, fun at the beach at low tide, gazing at the sunset and more.

Nature on display: a moth, a river otter, a great blue heron and more.

The opening day regatta at Longbranch marina, a visit by Seahawks mascot Blitz, Daffodil Princesses at the library and more.

A spring sunrise, an Easter egg hunt winner, volunteers at work restoring the Vaughn Library Hall and more.