Fall dahlias, salmon fishing, scarecrows and more.

Edie Morgan and Jerry Nebel in Art Walk performance, a Vaughn sunset and more.

Pirates at the Home Parade, Vaughn Elementary students singing at Aisle of Honor, orca sightings and more.

A spectacular rainbow, bright rhododendrons, Opal the Opossum and more.

A new postmaster in Lakebay, podium at the state track and field meet and more.

Evergreen Elementary students meet farm animals; a magnolia tree in bloom; sea lions enjoying the scenery and more.

Dutcher Cove, coyote pups, a rainbow over Case Inlet and much more.

Crab feed, Vaughn Creek dusted with snow, an abandoned sailboat and more.

Girls' basketball, Herron Island emerging from fog, California sea lions in Von Geldern Cove, and more.

Volunteers caroling, kids wrestling, harbor seals basking in the sun, and more.