A stunning sunset, a deer enjoying a snack - and more.

Burley Lagoon, kayaking at sunset, a juvenile red-tailed hawk and more.

Fall dahlias, salmon fishing, scarecrows and more.

Edie Morgan and Jerry Nebel in Art Walk performance, a Vaughn sunset and more.

Pirates at the Home Parade, Vaughn Elementary students singing at Aisle of Honor, orca sightings and more.

A spectacular rainbow, bright rhododendrons, Opal the Opossum and more.

A new postmaster in Lakebay, podium at the state track and field meet and more.

Evergreen Elementary students meet farm animals; a magnolia tree in bloom; sea lions enjoying the scenery and more.

Dutcher Cove, coyote pups, a rainbow over Case Inlet and much more.

Crab feed, Vaughn Creek dusted with snow, an abandoned sailboat and more.