Sophie Dzyban

Sophia Dzyban is a third-grade Minter Creek Elementary student whose favorite subject is writing. She also likes to read, sing and dance.

To be honest, it makes food taste bad. It’s like a weight on your chest; you’re weighed down by bullying.

I believe we should work to stop it.

When I moved from Nebraska last summer, I thought it would be a break from being bullied. But, boy, was I wrong. Kids came crying from recess almost every day, and it’s still happening.

Sometimes I think people wonder if it’s even possible to stop bullying for good.

Rebecca Maffei, counselor of Minter Creek Elementary School, said, “I like to think of a possible ideal school where students and adults are only ever kind and never use cruelty as a way of getting social power.” See? Even a counselor thinks it’s impossible to stop.

Ms. Maffei works hard, but often bullying takes place behind teachers’ or parents’ backs. Some kids aren’t brave enough to talk about it, and when it’s brought up, they deny it. Then, after being abused for a long time, they feel it’s time to let the pain out, and sadly, become bullies themselves.

I bet you’re wondering, “Why should I care?” You should care because this is happening to people in your community! It’s your job to help them stand up. Now, ask yourself these questions: Have you been a victim of a bully? Have you bullied others? Has your child or grandchild been bullied?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think you should help work to stop it.

Here’s my idea: Parents, if your children are acting quietly, talk to them. Teachers, listen carefully for mean words and for signs of abuse. Kids, listen to teachers or counselors when they explain bullying and if you’re being bullied, talk about it. And onlookers of bullying, help the victim stand up. Together, we’ll get closer and closer to stopping bullying.

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