Where do I find the calendar?

Click on Calendar at the top or on Events Calendar on the left sidebar. The sidebar is always visible on the website.

How do I view the calendar in a different format?

In the calendar, click on VIEW AS, upper right, and select the view you prefer from the dropdown menu. The views available are Month, List, Week (for the current week), or Day (for the current day).

How do I export events to my calendar app?

To export events from the calendar and have them entered automatically to the calendar on your computer, click on EXPORT EVENTS, lower right.

Search options are listed in the FIND EVENTS toolbar at the top of the calendar. You can use any or all search criteria: time, keyword, and/or near location. Once you’ve entered your search terms, click on FIND EVENTS to display matching events.

What does Show Filters do?

The Show Filters dropdown menu allows you to narrow your search results even more. Click on Show Filters to see what the options are. You can narrow down your search by category, venue, organizer, city, or day of the week.

How do I reset the filters?

Click on Reset Filters at the bottom of the Show Filters display to clear any filters you may have set. Click on Collapse Filters to hide the filter display.

How do I submit an event?

Click on Submit Event, left sidebar. Please limit your description to no more than 50 words. Remember to add a Venue and an Organizer.

You can add recurring events as well by clicking on ADD MORE EVENTS under EVENT TIME & DATE. Select ending date under ‘Series Ends’; you can select ‘never’ if there is no ending date. If you do select ‘never,’ the event will be kept on the calendar for 24 months; you can extend it at the end of that period.

If you click on ADD MORE EVENTS by mistake, click on the trash can icon on the right to delete that information. That will just delete the dates, not the entire event.

Once you’ve entered all the information click on SUBMIT EVENT at the bottom to send us your event. We will post it on the online calendar after we’ve reviewed it. We may need to edit the event for length.

How do I make a change to an event I submitted?

If you need to update or correct an event listing, email us at webmaster@nullkeypennews.com with the name and date of the event and the information you need to change and we will do it for you.