County Council Member Terry Lee, who represents District 7, is term limiting out of office. His district includes the Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor Peninsula, and on the other side of the bridge, University Place, Fircrest and the western portion of Tacoma. Eight candidates will be reduced to two at the Primary Election on Aug.17.
The candidates are (in the order that they appear on the ballot):

Todd Iverson

Raised in Gig Harbor, lives on Wollochet Bay. Bachelor’s degree in political science with minor in journalism.

Elected to Pen Met Parks Board in 2007. Served on Pierce County committee. Employed as a Longshoreman.

“I will work hard to continue Terry Lee’s legacy of bringing everybody to the table to resolve the complex issues we face.”

Betty Ringlee

Arletta resident for 30 years. Six years of college. Two Associate’s degrees in primary education and environmental science.

Elected three times to School Board (1997-2007). School Board President three years. Assistant to Karen Biskey who was council member prior to Terry Lee (1994-2002). Served on Pierce County committees. Employed 15 years by Pierce County Public Works.

“I will require equity in county services and responsive county departments.”

Chuck West

Raised on Gig Harbor and Key Peninsulas. Resides on KP. One year of college for fire and EMS. Was very much into studying the Constitution “years ago.”

No elected offices. Currently chairs the KP Land Use Advisory Commission. Employed as Division Chief at FD16.

“I am not a career politician. I want to solve existing problems and then get out. There are a lot of pressing issues that need common sense fixes.”

William Sehmel

Lives on Fox Island. Family homesteaded in Gig Harbor area 100 years ago. Seven years of college studying political science and architecture, but no degree.

Elected twice to Pen Met Parks Board (2004 & 2009). Served on Pierce County committees. A lifelong “blue collar” worker.

“I am a strong supporter of the Sheriff’s department through the budget process. I am a strong advocate of private property rights, and am especially concerned for our 179 miles of shoreline.”

Larry Wingard

Lakebay resident for 23 years. Bellarmine graduate.

Elected to KP Parks Board (predecessor of Key Pen Parks), served as Chair. Worked for railroad for four years, then for Pierce County Public Works for 22 years (1962-1985). Currently manages Shiloh Farms in Lakebay.

“My priorities are to (1) restore full funding for deputies, (2) fix the Purdy bottleneck, (3) get the State Legislature to do something, (4) push the State Legislature to complete the SR302 re-route.”

Stan Fleming

University Place resident. Associate’s degree. Bachelor’s degree in Zoology. Master’s degree from PLU. Osteopathic Physician (DO degree). Combat vereran (Persian Gulf and Balkans). Army Brigadier General. Served US Army 1974-2009).

Elected as State Represetative. City Councilmember for University Place for 15 years.

“We face some rough decisions ahead. I have the experience of doing just that. We need a balanced budget and an accountable government. I am committed to the values and issues on both sides of the bridge.”

Randy Boss

Resides Artondale. Gig Harbor resident for 30 years. Four years of college studying accounting and business, but no degree. Combat veteran (Vietnam).

Elected to Pen Met Parks Board. Served on numerous Pierce County committees. Well publicized “citizen activist”. Small business owner and commercial real estate broker.

“I have fought for citizens’ rights for over 30 years. I know the issues. I am not a rookie. I know what needs to be done.”

John Picinich

Gig Harbor resident since 1955. Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in education.

Elected to Gig Harbor City Council, served for 12 years. Served on local committees and associations. Middle school math teacher for 36 years.

“I have seen vast changes throughout this district since 1955. We must make decisions that reflect the needs of the people. I will listen and respond to the residents’ needs.”

A candidate forum will be held at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn on Aug. 3 at 7 p.m.  Pose your questions. Get your answers. Choose your favorite. Cast your vote on Aug. 17. Then the two finalists will battle it out until November.

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