We recently disconnected from the internet and then realized we really did need it at our house and tried to get back on with CenturyLink. We were told that our area is “exhausted” and no one can get new internet or phone service here. I am the only person on my street that cannot have internet. We live in Longbranch and have been loyal customers for close to 40 years.

Apparently there is a device that needs to be replaced for anyone else to get internet and phone out here. I was told that if we get signatures from people who are unhappy with their service, CenturyLink will get the device replaced sooner than otherwise.

We called AT&T because they own Direct TV, which we have, and were told internet could be provided by CenturyLink through our Direct TV. The person we talked to said there was 100 percent availability in our area.

CenturyLink again told us, “No availability.” So, we are at a loss.


Peg Foley Shaffer


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