Guy Allen was recently sworn in as the chief of the Key Peninsula Fire Department by Christina Bosch, department administrative manager. Also pictured is Claudia Jones, commissioner. Photo by Hugh McMillan

Key Peninsula Fire Chief Guy Allen took his oath of office, administered by KPFD’s administrative manager, Christina Bosch, at a ceremony at the department’s headquarters following a regular Board of Commissioners meeting Sept. 23. His wife, Tammy, pinned on his new badge following his swearing in.

Fire commissioners Frank Grubaugh, Sheila Hunt Niven, Claudia Jones and acting Chair Keith Davies were joined by a room full of KPFD officers and firefighters, Allen’s family and supportive citizens including representatives from Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One to congratulate Allen.

“I am very proud to have been selected to lead this great group of people as their fire chief,” Allen said to those assembled.

“I started this journey almost to the day 34 years ago on Sept. 19, 1980, when I joined Whatcom County Fire District 13 as a volunteer firefighter.

“I have a strong faith in destiny and believe that each of us is supposed to be right here in this moment, and that I am supposed to be here as the fire chief for the Key Peninsula. I am humbled by the support and encouragement I have received and look forward to the challenges ahead. And, I want to thank the board for its confidence in me, and my family for all the sacrifices they have endured over these years,” he said.

On behalf of the board, commissioner Kieth Davies told the audience: “The commissioners are proud of the work Guy Allen did as interim chief. Through the hiring process, Chief Allen came out as a quality candidate. He is the man for the job, a man who has the respect of the crews, people in the organization and the community. He leads by example and we feel these are the tools of successful leadership.”

“We are very excited about our leadership and our future with Guy in the chief’s position,” said commissioner Claudia Jones. “We will all be impressed and proud in the years to come.”