The critical challenges of the Civic Center were met head-on with determined supporters at the Nov. 11 annual meeting. Over three dozen neighbors took seats at the board meeting ready and willing to serve.

2005 Civic Center Executive Committee members:
President:Phil Bauer
First vice president:Loyd Miller
Second v. p.: Bruce Macdonald
Secretary:Sabra Stratford
Treasurer:Ed Taylor
At large:Ben Thompson, Dale Loy
Past president:Betty Kelley

The mood in the room shifted into an upbeat, can-do phase as people offered their names in nomination to serve on the board. KPCCA achieved the election of a full slate of executive officers and filled 11 of the 15 open seats on the Civic Center board. Applause filled the room at the conclusion of the elections and also during the business meeting for the reported fund-raising successes, such as the Oktoberfest that earned more than $6,400 profit for the center.

The Civic Center is looking ahead to the new year, as President-elect Phil Bauer takes the gavel.

“I feel the KPCCA is a very valuable and important asset to the community,” Bauer said. “We must find a way to get new volunteers, more people involved and new ideas.” Bauer is looking ahead to learning what the community wants for the Civic Center and how to achieve those goals. He asks members of the community to “please get involved with your time and your ideas.”

Those interested should contact Bauer at the Civic Center, 884-3456, or