The Key Peninsula Community Council has created a transportation subcommittee that will look at transportation alternatives for Key Pen residents. The committee will be looking at other communities for potential models. One idea in the works is to launch a survey of local vehicles that could be used as part of a feeder program.

“Transportation out here on the Key Peninsula is really limited for people who can’t drive and seniors who want to stay in their own homes,” said Marcia Harris, the chair of the newly created subcommittee.

The community council will also take over The Mustard Seed Project’s bus transportation program, if the program receives another two-year operating grant. The innovative program, called KP Schoolbus Connections, utilizes school buses to provide public transportation once a week. The Mustard Seed is overseeing the program through the end of the school year and the council will assume administrative oversight after June if the funding — which is granted through the Educational Service District through state and federal transportation dollars—is approved.

To learn about the Mustard Seed bus pilot program, watch the seven-minute documentary below titled “The Mustard Seed Bus,” produced by Key Pen resident Rodika Tollefson.


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