Families and friends streamed in the doors starting at 4p.m. Saturday afternoon. As the crowd grew, volunteers went into the store room and brought out extra folding chairs and tables.

Some guests created an impromptu food bar at the stage and stood to eat their meals. The good humored crowd shared table space and crab crackers as they ate their way through 500 pounds of crab garnished with a spaghetti side dish, green salad and French bread.

The volunteer bartenders at the cash bar sold wines and beer including Key Pen’s own local Trillium Creek chardonnay. The scouts and brownies from Troop 222 bustled to bus the tables and then turned to clean and clear tables and chairs as the last guests parted. The volunteer kitchen crew looked only slightly wilted after feeding over 200 guests as the volunteer clean up crew stepped in to finish the mop up and ready the hall for church on Sunday morning.

“I want to thank the community for the high participation,” said the Crab Feed coordinator Loyd Miller as he explained the importance of this fundraising event.

“The civic center receives no state funding monies and this type of event is essential to their budget. “We got a lot more people than we expected.

We also apologize because we ran out early and we had some pre-sale tickets we had to refund. Most of the people were pretty pleased, especially the early arrivals. Next year we will try to do better,” he said.

Photos by Danna Webster