With elections for the new Key Peninsula Community Council set for June 26, interested residents have until May 31 to nominate themselves for one of the 14 council seats. Each census tract area will select one director per 1,000 residents, and all residents will vote on all candidates. The top vote-getters will become directors.

The Community Council interim board is asking candidates to also submit a biographical note and answers to the following questions: 1. Why they want to run; 2. What community work and organizations they have been involved in.

To vote, you don’t need to be registered with Pierce County Auditor’s office but you must be registered with the Community Council, an independent, nongovernmental body that is seeking 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Election procedures will be announced in the June issue of the Key Peninsula News; mail-in and walk-in ballots will be available.

For information or to learn more about nominations, call the KPC hotline at 884-0557.