Local photographer Richard Jones poses with his avian buddy and calendar with photos he took from Penrose Point. Photo by Karen Lovett, KP News

When Richard Jones looks through his camera lens he likes what he sees on the Key Peninsula.

Jones served in the military starting out in the Marines, but switched later to do a stint in the army. He did a tour of duty as a mechanic in Iraq from 2004-2005 before finishing his military career at Fort Lewis where he met his girlfriend, Jennifer Hoskins.

When Hoskins’mother, Maggie Steiner, a longtime resident of the Key Peninsula decided to relocate to Port Orchard about nine years ago, Jones and Hoskins moved into her former home near Key Center. A sign out front saying “Eggs for Sale,” greets visitors to the small farm that includes chickens, ducks, a dog and three cats ––including a tabby cat bottle raised by the couple from the time he was one-day-old.

Hoskins a certified nurse’s assistant and works at Retsil Veterans Home in Port Orchard. When that facility needed to find a home for their African Grey parrot, Hoskins volunteered to take the bird home. The parrot fit right in and quickly became one of self-proclaimed animal lover Jones’best buddies.

Jones became a full-time student and earned an Associate of Arts Degree and then a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science from the University of Phoenix. He is currently working on another Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Jones has dabbled in photography over the years, but about a year ago he purchased a new camera to professionalize his blossoming hobby. For the time being he is focusing his time around the Key Peninsula.

“A lot of people ask me if I go anywhere else,”Jones said. “Eventually I will, but I love it out here. I love nature. Joemma is a favorite spot, you can turn 180 degrees and have a whole new view.”

Last year his company, RJ Photography, sold 30 pictures. Part of the profits went to the Wounded Warrior program to help disabled veterans. This year he sold photographs, mugs and calendars at the Winter Warmup at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn, and Winterfest Arts and Crafts Fair at Peninsula High School. Twenty-five percent of profits will go to the Red Barn this year, he said.

To view his art, visit 15-richard-jones.artistwebsites.com. He can be contacted at jones464@nullyahoo.com.