Last night I read more of the latest Key Peninsula News stories, including “Flirting, Harassment and Hollywood” (“Key Thoughts,” KP News, Feb. 2018). Just a few minutes ago, I read the front page article in the Tacoma News Tribune about girls being molested by the “respected sports doctor” Larry Nassar even while the FBI investigated him. Let’s see, how many young female athletes did he attack? According to this article, it’s 265 and counting.

The KP News may wish to maintain a broad outlook, but I have to say that I am quite angered that you would publish an article that says, “We’ve communicated clearly to men that women like to be pursued…men are therefore acting accordingly. It isn’t right to suddenly change all the rules and persecute men for acting the way they were taught to act.”

I’m just so disappointed in my hometown newspaper. Mr. Vajko has the right to his opinion, but how many young girls are going to pick up the KP News and read that we should not “persecute men for acting the way they were taught to act?”

Deb Boulton, Wauna