I am writing to set the record straight regarding last month’s article about the food bank changing its hours to appease its neighbors.

As I write, food bank customers are parked sideways, blocking cars in the middle of KP Indoor Garden Store’s parking lot. When politely asked to move, my customers received rudeness as a response. This happens regularly.

We support the food bank’s cause and have held many food drives in the past for them.  However, we have worked hard to build our business and we have customers to serve. We share our small parking lot with neighboring businesses. Many times, there is no parking available.

The food bank chose a location without adequate parking to serve the thousands of families they serve. They planned poorly and the customers of the neighboring businesses are the ones suffering.

We have attempted multiple compromises. For a short time, O’Callahan’s allowed them to use their parking lot and the food bank would shuttle them back and forth; however, they are no longer allowed to park there, either. Shortening the hours was another attempt at a compromise (no longer being honored), in an effort to contain the parking frustrations within certain time slots.

As an organization, I would expect the food bank to have planned for their parking needs instead of creating a frustrating problem that affects so many.

Monica Rakowski

KP Indoor Garden Store owner