On behalf of the Key Peninsula Fire Department, I want to say thank you to our community for supporting our recent maintenance and operations levy.

Your support will help us fund eight firefighter positions, which is critical to improving emergency response times and responding to multiple emergency calls at the same time.

Funds will start to be collected in 2013, and we will begin the hiring process as soon as enough money has accumulated to pay for training, salaries and equipment.

We plan to have an open house for the public to meet our new recruits when the time is right, as well. Likewise, we will report back to you how these new firefighters are impacting response times and emergency service levels for the better.

We learned a lot over the past year, but the most important thing was to be open and up-front about the challenges we were facing. The tough times brought us together and now we can move forward as a community.

Thank you again for helping us. We are humbled, grateful and will not let you down.

Tom Lique, Fire Chief