Herron Island ferry leaves the Herron Dock on a routine run between the island and the peninsula. Photo by Mindi LaRose.

Herron Island is a short ferry ride west of the Key Peninsula. The private Case Inlet island is usually peaceful. Its residents enjoy their lifestyle in a crime-free environment, just minutes from the mainland.

No crimes on Herron Island were reported for the entire year of 2007, but in late August 2008, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Peninsula Detachment received two reports of marine thefts near the island and near the ferry dock off Herron Road:

On Aug. 29, a call was placed to 9-1-1 dispatch when a boat owner found that his boat was burglarized. No alarm was activated, and the boat remained securely moored. The vessel’s canvas top was damaged and two cigar lighters and sandals were taken. A beer can found at the scene was tested for fingerprints.

On Aug. 31, a man called deputies to report that a marine CD player, down-rigger weights, and sandals were taken from his boat. At press time, no suspects have been identified in either of these incidents.

The only other crimes reported in theHerron Island neighborhood for 2008, as listed on the Pierce County website, were one charge of intimidation, and one person living on the island had failed to register as a sex offender.

Herron Island ferry returns from the island. Photo by Mindi LaRose.