Sometimes small things make a big difference.

Each of us has the power to improve our community through our individual actions, and it doesn’t take much.

Hold the door. Say hello. Listen to someone’s story.

Or, tell their story.

I have received many comments about what’s appeared in these pages since I took over as executive editor in April, but more often I am asked about things that didn’t appear. “Why didn’t you talk about this [fill in the blank]?” Then I’ll hear some remarkable or moving or intriguing story for the first time that indeed should have been in the paper, and might be the following month.

That is what we do at the Key Peninsula News. Our mission since 1974 has been to improve our community by telling your stories. But we can’t do it without help from you.

The KP News is an independent, nonprofit publication that gives away 9,000 newspapers a month; that’s one free to every household on the peninsula. We are sponsored by the KP Civic Center but operate on our own—editorially and financially. That means we print what we think you need to know and pay for it with advertising revenue, subscriptions and donations.

That costs us $100,000 a year. We earn about 85 percent of that from advertising revenue and paid subscriptions. The rest has to come from donations.

To figure the costs, consider printing and distribution alone is about $1,500 each month. Add to that the cost of part-time paid staff—editor, designer, bookkeeper and two ad reps—plus some overhead required to run a small business. Then credit the value of 32 people (at last count)—all volunteers—who are the writers, photographers, copy editors, proofreaders and distributors operating under the guidance of one executive editor and our five member volunteer publishing board.

This free paper turns out to be quite a good deal.

But it has only worked for so long because of a community that values its neighbors, honors its past and wants to protect its future.

That would be you.

Without the financial support from our readers, your stories about the peninsula, its people, its problems and solutions simply wouldn’t exist. Your dollars help pay for salaries, postage, ink and paper.

We exist for you and because of you.

Tucked inside this edition you will find an envelope that can be used to mail us your tax-deductible donation. Or, if you prefer, you can donate online at our website at

Either way, thank you for making a big difference.

You can always reach me at

From the Editor's Desk
From the Editor’s Desk