The Key Peninsula has been home to anarchists, millionaires and poet-loving loggers, and remains the summer refuge for whatever the opposite of a snowbird is. I have lived here a scant 12 years, and imagine I’ve met everyone that lives on this craggy finger of land at least once. But of course that’s not true. We all lead separate and even solitary lives in private circles. Residents south of Home may have little to do with the northerners in Vaughn, to say nothing of Wauna. Those on the water may never visit the many who live inland, encircled by towering trees on land owned for a century, or in simple homes rented month to month. And who are all those people out there on Herron Island anyway?

But we do know one another.

We stand next to each other at the coffee place, at the library, at bake sales, fundraisers and funerals. We have worshipped together, served together, and fought one another across plates of fried eggs and gravy, over cups of coffee and glasses of beer. We walk the same aisles in the market, and the same trails through our parks, and all those other trails that lie beyond. We have stood to welcome the joining of families and the birth of new life, we have stood to join our voices together in celebration or protest, and we have stood side by side to bury our dead.

The KP News calls itself “The Voice of the Key Peninsula.” Our mission is to inform and entertain, and to support and create community by providing a forum for local information. We share 501(c)(3) status with the Key Peninsula Civic Center but operate independently. Your newspaper is a nonprofit venture that pays its own way through advertising, subscriptions and donations.

But like so much of the KP, we do not stand entirely on our own.

This newspaper was founded in 1974 to say what you want said and what you want to learn about. That means the KP News is not the voice of the Key Peninsula.

You are.

You are a reader, subscriber, advertiser, volunteer or writer. We at the paper are only here to make your voice heard. Read the masthead to learn our names and if you’d like to see your name there too, join us.

I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions and complaints. You will always find me at