: Holding the line.
Lisa Bryan, June 26, 2020

: One of the most fulfilling aspects of belonging to a community is the discovery that even while we are physically distanced, we remain bound by our shared experience.
Lisa Bryan, May 29, 2020

: Keep the faith, feel the love that surrounds you, call out when you need help.
Lisa Bryan, May 1, 2020

: We are all swept into this river of life, connected by the invisible threads that bind our lives and futures together.
Lisa Bryan, March 27, 2020

: What we share in common is far greater than what divides us.
Lisa Bryan, March 1, 2020

: Unprecedented times call for unprecedented editorials.
Lisa Bryan, February 1, 2020

: Saying hello to a new year means bidding an old one farewell.
Lisa Bryan, January 2, 2020

: The heartwarming miracle of the holidays lies in the power of sharing.
Lisa Bryan, December 6, 2019

: Remember to vote. Our community is strengthened by the power of our collective engagement in it.
Lisa Bryan, November 1, 2019

: For the second year in a row, KP News will take top honors in a statewide newspaper contest.
Lisa Bryan, October 1, 2019

: We face a changing world with extraordinary new challenges.
Lisa Bryan, September 1, 2019

: The Key Peninsula is a community where being different turns out to be a very good thing.
Lisa Bryan, August 1, 2019

: Summer delivers opportunities to engage with your neighbors - and with candidates running in local elections.
Lisa Bryan, July 1, 2019

: Be proud of who you are and what you contribute to making life good here.
Lisa Bryan, June 1, 2019

: A look at the Legislature's accomplishments this term.
Lisa Bryan, May 1, 2019

: It’s spring and time to get out and play.
Lisa Bryan, April 1, 2019

: The recent storm set the record for February and was widely acknowledged as a rare event, unlike anything the region has seen in 50 years.
Lisa Bryan, March 1, 2019

: January was a month of extremes during unprecedented times for all Americans. This Valentine's Day, let's be patient with ourselves and each other,
Lisa Bryan, February 1, 2019

: Addiction is a painful affliction with predictable results.
Lisa Bryan, January 1, 2019

: There are more random acts of kindness surrounding us than our busy minds allow us to see.
Lisa Bryan, December 1, 2018

: Only on the KP.
Lisa Bryan, November 1, 2018

: This month we bring you stories of the past and questions about our future. This month we also ask for your support.
Lisa Bryan, October 1, 2018

: There is good news to report and the smoke need not clear for us to see the value of compromise in action locally.
Lisa Bryan, September 1, 2018

: It’s August - time to kick back in the hammock or slide into a comfortable Adirondack chair to relax and take it all in.
Lisa Bryan, August 1, 2018

: There's much to do and think about during the beautiful warm and long days of summer.
Lisa Bryan, July 1, 2018

: To our graduates of 2018: Do good work and be safe out there. A whole community stands behind you.
Lisa Bryan, June 1, 2018

: There are a few things we can do as individuals to improve safety on our highways. We all need to drive—let’s do it as safely as we can.
Lisa Bryan, May 1, 2018

: Real communication begins with three equal parts: speaking, listening and considering. And yes­—please keep reading too.
Lisa Bryan, April 1, 2018

: A few extra muscles.
Lisa Bryan, February 1, 2018

: KP News editor Lisa Bryan shares her thoughts on living on the Key Peninsula.
Lisa Bryan, February 1, 2018

Past Editors

: The Voice of the Key Peninsula.
Ted Olinger, September 1, 2017

: Politics has become a toxic subject at social functions.
Ted Olinger, October 29, 2016

: Each of us has the power to improve our community through our individual actions, and it doesn’t take much.
Ted Olinger, September 3, 2016

: Another season of transformation is upon us.
Ted Olinger, May 28, 2016

: The Key Peninsula has been home to anarchists, millionaires and poet-loving loggers, and remains the summer refuge for whatever the opposite of a snowbird is.
Ted Olinger, March 31, 2016