A Few Extra Muscles

Now that I’m firmly seated in the editor’s chair, a few more of the intricacies and intrigues of publishing a successful monthly paper are becoming more evident.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this newspaper and everyone who works on it. I especially love the people in our community who give their time (and money) to keep this newspaper alive and filled with a variety of well-researched, well-written and attractively laid out stories.

There’s so much important that’s happening in our special part of the world that will never make the daily news, internet or not. That’s where individuals can make such a big difference and how the KP News can function at its best.

If you’ve ever worked with a group on a fundraiser, political action or church activity, you’ll recognize this rule of thumb: No matter the group, the cause or the locale, it’s always a few who do the most. Every group has its doers, people who tirelessly take on the smallest details that contribute to the difference that leads to success. Let’s call them the muscles.

Just like every nonprofit, the Key Peninsula News can use a few more muscles to help pull the weight.

We’re always looking for people who can write a good story (within the usual rules of journalism). In coming months, we’ll be adding new peninsula lifestyle features: living on the Key; cooking; raising a family; enjoying a clambake or sailing without wind.

As our ad reads on page 15, “It’s not hard to be a staff writer for the News. Editors are kind, deadlines come just once a month and stories are assigned to match your interests, skills and time.”

You might be surprised how valuable your time and talents can be to our wonderful community asset, not to mention its new editor.

Lisa Bryan is waiting for your response at editor@nullkeypennews.com.