The Glencove Hotel office has been renovated and converted to a wedding chapel. The first wedding was held in November. Photo: Sharon Hicks, KP News

Something is different at the Glencove Hotel. The building next to the hotel that used to be an office is now a chapel. The only noticeable difference from the outside is the addition of a steeple, however a walk inside reveals much more.

Owner Luciann Nadeau said it needed a change and she wanted something different to represent a cause. The roofline reminded her of a church and her friend and neighbor, Jeff Oman, suggested that it needed a steeple so he set out to Home Depot for plans and materials to accomplish his task. In addition to the steeple the whole interior had to be refurbished. It now contains a small, inviting gas fireplace at the front complete with a mantle that holds six votive candles.

Two small benches and a chair surrounded by memorabilia in the corners make up the coziness and a painted picture of the hotel and another will complete the walls flanking the fireplace.

This charming chapel was completed eight months ago and the first wedding was held in November. The groom had a friend in Louisiana who knew a friend of the bride here and word was spread about a serene small place to get married. Nadeau says her future outlook besides weddings is to have two to three a weekend and small religious get-togethers for anyone wishing to use it. The room will accommodate 10 people and is perfect for small weddings or personal use, she said.

Luciann felt the steeple needed a light so there is one burning 24 hours a day and she calls it “The light of my life”