The KP Community Council identified transforming governance as a key objective at its strategic planning retreat in January (See “KP Community Council Updates Strategic Plan” in this issue.)

To address this, Don Swensen will chair a Governmental Opportunities Committee. Swensen, who is a KPC director and also chairs the Key Peninsula Land Use Advisory Commission (KPAC), has written a letter to state and county elected officials inviting their input and participation. He wrote: 

“As the population south of the Purdy bridge continues to grow, our community will face increasing challenges. These challenges may surface in areas such as transportation, building and zoning issues, water and septic concerns, crime, drug use, etc. With populations increasing all over Pierce County and the county council dealing with some of the busier areas of the county, it might fall to us locally to address these issues in whatever legal ways are available to us.”

The KPC appointed Swensen to guide the process. He plans to establish a group of five to nine people, including KPC directors, community leaders and concerned citizens. 

The potential responsibilities Swensen described for the GOC include:

Advance relationships with county, state and federal representatives and agencies for the purpose of leveraging KPC relationships and entities to bring funding and services to the Key Peninsula and advance the mission of the KPC.

Find opportunities and serve where applicable in governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, such as KPAC and others.

Explore options for and the feasibility of self-governance of the Key Peninsula, taking into account such things as structure, economic impacts and public sentiment.

Develop step-by-step action plans to advance self-governance and let the KP better meet local needs and control its own destiny. 

Report monthly to the KPC.

Swensen is seeking community members interested in joining the GOC. 

For more information, contact the KPC office at the Key Center Corral in person, by email at, or by calling 253-432-4948.