Vandals hit Home Park July 1, and it took Key Pen Parks staff and some community volunteers more than an hour to clean up the mess. Photo courtesy of Key Pen Parks

It took Key Pen Parks staff and some of the patrons of Home Park about 3 ½ hours to clean up the mess from an attack of vandalism. The park was sprayed with paint in more than 20 areas on the evening of July 1.

“Cost of cleaning the tagging was around $150 in time and cleaning materials,” said Scott Galacher, executive director of Key Pen Parks.

“We did not call the police, just cleaned up the mess.”

Home Park was completed in September of 2008. Key Pen Parks most recently acquired property at Maple Hollow and “360” Horseshoe Lake. Key Pen Parks now has $10 million worth of land and improvements on the Key Peninsula.

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