My husband and I grew up here, both graduating from Peninsula High School. While life took us away, we recently moved back, purchasing our forever home in Vaughn.

Shortly after we moved back, we learned about the plans of Hope Recovery Center to build a large substance use disorder treatment facility on the KP. 

I am absolutely pro-treatment; I’ve worked in the substance use disorder field for 10 years. 

But I have concerns.

The proposed facility, funded by state insurance, is a 50-bed inpatient treatment center with outpatient resources, including a medicated-assisted treatment, that could encompass up to 33,000 square feet. The current zoning does not permit this type of facility.

There are two areas on the KP that are zoned for this type of facility: Key Center and Lake Kathryn.

It goes against the Key Peninsula Community Plan. 

There is not a well system, adequate water source, sewer or septic in place, and I am concerned about the impact those systems would demand.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), HRC would not pay property taxes or would pay a reduced amount.

Build it where it is legally zoned with supporting infrastructure. Otherwise, I will stand alongside my community members who also oppose this plan. 

Shanon Bills, Vaughn