We have a bit of an identity crisis in Pierce County with the upcoming election. People are confusing two Youngs: Jesse and Derek. Jesse Young is running for re-election for state representative position 1 in the 26th Legislative District. Derek Young is our county council member for District 7.

 Jesse Young is one of those rare elected representatives who comes from “we the people” and never forgets that. He is honest and straightforward, and upholds personal freedoms and individual rights. He has the personality and attitude to work with the other side to actually accomplish things, but never compromises what he believes or lets his vote be swayed by what might be popular in the media.

Here’s where some of the confusion comes in: This summer, Derek Young proposed a shooting ban around Carney Lake on the Key Peninsula. He took the complaint from just one citizen (who did not reside in the proposed restricted area) who claimed bullets from somewhere had landed on his property. Without any site investigation, Derek proposed a 123-acre no-shooting zone surrounding Carney Lake. This was unnecessary, as there are already restrictions governing this area from Washington state and Pierce County.

Jesse Young took time out of his busy schedule to come and speak out against this proposed ban at a public meeting July 18.

This is one of the biggest differences between these two men—one wanting to put more useless restrictions on citizens and the other wanting to stop them.

So please remember this Nov. 8, the state representative who stands and works for you and me is Jesse Young.


Cecil Beal