We are two past presidents of the Key Peninsula Parks and Recreation Commission, better known now as Key Pen Parks. During our six-plus years of working together, we orchestrated the increase of park and recreational land on our peninsula from 20 acres at Volunteer Park to over 2,000 acres, at very little cost to the taxpayer.

We did it by working hard to cooperate as a board, along with Executive Director Scott Gallacher, without the internal strife and dissension we watched nearly tear apart our fellow municipal corporation, Fire District 16.

We did have a continually dissenting member who seemed to challenge every action and decision we made, but thankfully his term expired and he left. He was replaced by current Board President Mark Michel, who seamlessly joined the other four commissioners and went to work helping shape improvements to Gateway Park, Home Park, Maple Hollow, and particularly 360 Trails.

Mark is running again for a seat on the commission, and we, as dedicated former co-commissioners, strongly support his candidacy and urge the voting public to elect him again to this important post. Key Pen Parks has reached a momentum that Mark played a significant role in achieving. Keep that momentum going. Elect Mark Michel.

Bill Trandum, Tacoma
Bill Anglemeyer, Gig Harbor