Rachel Kosel who works at Creviston Valley Farm, and LaLaine Wong, owner of the farm, talk with Rae Brown during the indoor Farmers Market Nov. 21. Photo by Marsha Hart, KP News

The “Eat Local for Thanksgiving” indoor Farmers Market at the Key Peninsula Civic Center Nov. 21 was a success, and Holy Hendrick, market manager, said she will consider offering an indoor market through the winter months next year.

“It’s pretty clear that people want fresh food,” she said.

The doors opened at noon, and LaLaine Wong, owner of Creviston Valley Farm, said the crowd was surprising. Everyone was there early and in no time at all the table had only a few heads of lettuce left.

Wong sent someone back to the farm to bring more vegetables. Fresh beets, carrots and Brussels sprouts arrived just in time for the last of the customers to scarf them up and the doors closed at 2 p.m.

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