A number of important issues will be covered at an open public meeting 7 p.m., Jan. 8 at the Key Center fire station.

County Council member Stan Flemming will present a State of the County report, detailing Pierce County’s past accomplishments, current problems and future plans.

School board members Matt Wilkinson and Wendy Wojtanowicz will discuss Key Peninsula educational issues, and the expected effects of the recent failed school levy.

County Planner Barbara Ann Smolko will summarize committee work and a report to both Pierce and Kitsap county governments regarding proposed changes affecting water quality for the Minter Creek Watershed. The Minter Creek Watershed extends from Minter Bay north to near Port Orchard, and from Lake Katherine to the Elgin-Clifton “Y.”

The presentations are part of a public outreach and information program of the Key Peninsula Community Council, whose monthly board meeting will follow.