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There’s a club recruiting kids from the Key Peninsula to learn the fine art of wrestling. Shown below are three local kids, Sawyer Johnson, Joaquin Azorit and Elenor Nimrick, members of the Harbor Youth Wrestling Wolverines. The group participated in a recent tournament against five other clubs from Gig Harbor and beyond, to Silverdale and Arlington. Wrestlers can be of any age, from 3 years to 13 years, after which they generally graduate into high school wrestling. Boys and girls are both invited to participate and opponents are selected by weight, rather than gender. Photo and text: Ed Johnson, KP News

Crews are under contract from Peninsula Light to replace older high-power electrical cables with what they call “tree wire.” They will be doing this all over the Key Peninsula for some time to come. While not quite as effective as burying the cables, it’s far less expensive. “Tree wire” is a lot stronger and insulated better to withstand the Northwest’s winter storm extremes. The new wires are strung out on temporary red and yellow extensions before the wires presently in use are disconnected and removed. The new wires will then be moved to the poles permanently. All this will provide more reliable electrical service from our Peninsula Light Company. Photo and text: Don Tjossem, KP News