In July of 2003, Bill Horwitz, with the support of his wife, Delrene, opened the Key Peninsula’s answer to the computer and technology challenged, KC Computer Repair.

Located in the heart of Key Center, KC Computer Repair has answered hundreds of questions and solved countless technical problems ranging from how to turn it on, to how to debug a system plagued by an overwhelming amount of spyware.

A virus attack on your system? Can’t find a file? A favorite game not running? Horwitz and his associate, Sheryl Mirenta, have tackled them all.

Horwitz began his journey into computers and programming by taking a vocational class in Great Falls, Mont., in 1970. At that time, computers were big enough to walk into, and there was nothing like a monitor or a mouse. Programming was done by punch cards, 88-column cards that would go into the computer after sorting, and would come out as a printout. This was computer programming in the 1970s. He enrolled in more classes in the ‘80s to keep up with the trends in the industry.

He’s been unofficially repairing and putting together computer systems for years for friends and relatives, and decided it was time to start his own business.

KC Computer Repair offers more than basics. They offer personalized service to the community; classes from computer-use and software basics to eBay shopping; and even house calls. The classes usually take about one to three hours each, with additional support for students who require it.

KC Computer Repair has another permanent “worker” who has adopted the same name, KC, who mostly sits on Horwitz’s shoulder. “KC usually knows that when I’m under the table plugging in a
tower, to go to the outside of the edge of the table until I’m done. But this one time he didn’t do it, and I went to crawl out and squished him between my back and the table and knocked the wind out of him, I guess. I turned to look, and he flew up and then dropped to the floor,” Horwitz recounted one unfortunate incident.

“He’s a lot more careful now,” he added, laughing. A charming member of the staff, KC is a very well cared for and loved cockatiel. Stop by after 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and say hi. You won’t find a nicer (or funnier) computer guy anywhere.