A little over a year ago, Kristen Bottiger brought modern fitness equipment to the Key Peninsula when she opened her facility, Key Fitness. The building sits on the hill in Key Center and affords the women of the Peninsula access to the latest in workout equipment. In a relaxed environment, they can work with the machines of their choosing to improve their health and their self-image while widening their scope of friends.

Kristen Bottiger

Beginners, and those who wish a gradual progression into their fitness routine, may start in the “30-minute circuit room,” where they do routines of varying lengths on one machine and then move on to the next around the room. Those who begin on the elliptical machine and treadmills often use the “circuit room” as a cool-down process after intense exercise.

Another option available to working women are early start hours and the opportunity to work out, shower, change and eat breakfast in the kitchen facility before heading to work. A community bulletin board is available to keep the customers updated on events and opportunities in the community.

Bottiger says that many of her customers have been coming regularly for over a year now and have shown positive results from their efforts. “I knew there was a need for more healthy options on the Peninsula,” she said. “When one drives down the highway, there are three smoke shops and only one fitness center. There is now a health food store here in Key Center as well.”

Earlier this year Bottiger added a yoga room to her facility. Yoga classes are open to anyone and are offered four days per week. She hopes to add self-defense classes in the near future. While she expects that mostly women will attend these classes, they will be co-ed. Meanwhile, she is eager to support her customers by offering contests and encouraging individual goal-setting.

When asked what she sees as the biggest hindrances to good health on the Peninsula, Bottiger replied, “Overweight and smoking.” She sees the greatest need in promoting healthy habits and lifestyles on the Key Peninsula as educating the people how to take good care of themselves through eating, exercising and avoiding harmful habits.

“It’s important to give yourself permission to take care of yourself,” she said. “Allow yourself the time to do what you need to do or to spend the money it takes to improve your health. Not everyone has to work out. Walk, eat better, nix fast food and read labels.”

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