KP Parks Commissioner Greg Anglemyer spoke to elected officials and community members about Gateway Park and its potential growth. By Scott Turner, KP News

On Dec. 18, a summit gathering of 30 Key Peninsula community members, local leaders, and stakeholders met to promote the attributes of the new Gateway Park to Pierce County Councilman Stan Flemming and State Reps. Jan Angel and Larry Seaquist.

Advocates promoting the arts, businesses, tourism, agriculture, equestrian sports, ball fields, environmental studies, wildlife conservation, trails and historical preservation heralded the potential of this new park property.

The summit leaders asked the elected officials to support efforts to secure funding for the development of the park from the Governor’s proposed budget for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program. Both representatives and the councilman indicated their support of the effort.

Key Pen Parks Commissioner Greg Anglemyer illustrated Gateway’s attributes for future active and passive recreation and pointed out the corridor which allows the connection to the 360 Recreation Area.

The fiscally conservative savings by the parks’ board, since 2008, which achieved the funds necessary to buy the property was also noted. Key Pen Parks Director, Scott Gallacher, was impressed by the broad diversity of interests of the leaders who attended. “It shows the amount of support that the property has from the community and the meaning it has for the future of our community,” he said.