Key Pen Parks plans to build a new playground at Gateway Park, and theyre looking for Key Peninsula residents to decide what the park should include and how it should look.

Executive Director Scott Gallacher said he wants a committee of 10-12 people wholl review the master plan for the park and come up with ideas for the playground.

“People from all over the Peninsula area come to the park,” he said. “We have families from Longbranch, South Kitsap, Gig Harbor and all over.

“We want a well-rounded group of people to share ideas and find out what the community wants,” he said.

That includes mothers and fathers, grandparents –– anyone whos interested in helping.

Gallacher hopes the playground will include play structures and also what he calls “free play” areas.

“So many playgrounds have big play structures, and structures are great,” he said. “But kids also need free play areas like maybe hills to roll down and open spaces to play tag and other running games, not just structures.”

The new committee will start meeting in August.

If youre interested in participating, contact Gallagher at (253) 884-9240 or email