More than 60 percent of voters said “yes” to the creation of a KP Metropolitan Park District at the May special election, although turnout was low. Countywide, only about 27 percent of voters had their say for various ballot measures.

At press time, results were not certified, but the MPD creation proposition was passing, and the following commissioners looked to be heading for the new board: Caril Ridley (54.12 percent); Ross Bischoff (81.96); Paula DeMoss (53.74); Jerry Schick (60.78); Kip Clinton (53.28 ).

“The low turnout was a bit of a disappointment but we’re happy with the vote,” said Ben Thompson, who chaired the MPD creation committee and also ran as a commissioner against DeMoss. “I predicted that 60-70 percent will vote yes and we met our prediction. I am elated. The committee wishes the new commissioners the very best.”

Clinton, who is on the current KP Parks and Recreation District board as well, said the two boards will meet concurrently for a few meetings. A dissolution of the KPPRD could take three to six months, she said. It must also be approved by the courts.

“This year, sometime, the KPPRD will go away,” she said. The MPD will take over the assets from the KPPRD, along with an estimated debt of $2,000-$4,000 from last year’s election costs.

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