On June 26th one journey ended and another began. On June 26th, 14 people were elected to the newly formed Key Peninsula Community Council. The idea of creating a community council began in June of 2002 when Dennis Taylor of the Safe Streets Campaign suggested the concept to the Key Peninsula Business Association. He told the group research shows that communities with high civic participation and high community attachment have lower crime rates. Safe Streets says the creation of a local, grass roots citizen-led community council as a crime prevention tool.

In October of 2002, Safe Streets sponsored a Livable Community Forum where the idea of creating a community council was first presented to the general public. In January 2003 a Key Peninsula Community Council Organizing Committee was formed. Since then over 40 dedicated volunteers have spent many hours working out all the complicated details that resulted in the election on June 26th.

From the beginning Dennis Taylor, and Jeff Harris representing the KPBA, provided the leadership to keep the process moving ahead. One of the guiding principles they promoted was “every thing we do, we need to keep in mind what is in the best interest of the entire Key Peninsula.”

Taylor said, “we are very pleased with the results of the election. New leadership has been brought into the civic life of the Key Peninsula. This is why we supported the initiative from the beginning.”

Key Peninsula Community Council Election Results

District One (NE KP)
Domini Glass
Tracy Glenn
Russ Humberd
Ben Thompson

District Two (NW KP)
Ed Taylor
Richard Thompson
Barb Trotter
Danna Webster

District Three (Central KP)
Dani Anderson
Joyce Tovey
Arlene Williams

District Four (SO KP)
Denise Carron
Jeff Harris
Hugh McMillan