For the period of:

Apr. 15 to May 15

Total Calls: 162

EMS: 116

Fire/service: 22

Other: 24

Apr. 20

Medic 47 responded to a 93 year-old female who fell and was not acting accordingly. When medic crews arrived on scene the patient was seated in the living room and and complaining neck and head pain. Crews transported her to the hospital for evaluation.

Apr. 21

Firefighters responded to reports of a 12-year-old girl having a seizure. The girl’s father said she had seizures when she was younger and none for the past five years. Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital was consulted and the girl was transported to a local area hospital.

Apr. 22

Firefighters responded to a car crash in the ditch in the 15000 block of Holiday Drive. Upon arrival the firefighters found a disoriented man sitting in the driver seat of a BMW sedan with a crack pipe and medicine bottle in his hand. The man did not know what had happened. Deputies were investigating.

Apr. 25

Firefighters responded to an elderly Longbranch man who had fallen in his driveway and hit his head. The man lost his footing when his cane slipped causing him to fall. The man was transported to a local area hospital for treatment of a large laceration to his forehead.

Apr. 26

Firefighters responded to the reports of a woman fallen. The woman had felt lightheaded and fell backward hitting her head on the ground. She was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

May 2

Firefighters responded to a 9-1-1 call of a 2-year-old Vaughn boy with his leg trapped between a slide and a support beam. Responders quickly provided a gap for the boy to remove his leg. He was not injured.

May 7

Wednesday afternoon firefighters responded to reports of a 16-year-old boy who fell off of the roof of a van in motion. The boy was said to have been unconscious prior to FD arrival. Once arriving on scene the boy was found down on the ground with no eye witnesses to what had happened. The boy was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

May 8

Firefighters responded to reports of a seizure. The elderly Gig Harbor-area man had taken his normal pain pills, and drank alcohol and smoked marijuana with friends when he had a brief period of unconsciousness. The man was treated for dangerously low blood pressure and transported to a local hospital.